• Is my information safe when I am using the Hazelbaker Lactation Institute portal?

    Hazelbaker Lactation Institute’s LMS software is hosted on the cloud and deployed on-site. We use Litmos which is a fully hosted, web-based Learning Management System (LMS). All of our online learning accounts are password protected and the education portal is protected by a SSL (HTTPS) secure connection, which is the same level used for Internet banking. Litmos core database and servers are hosted in a world class data center and managed by Rackspace.

  • What if I read through the technical sections above and am still having issues with the modules/courses working on my device?

    Likely you are using a computer supported by an IT department and firewalls or blockers may be prohibiting communication. If so, please check with your IT team regarding popup blockers, cookies, and domain white listing. If you have further questions, please contact us at info@hazelbakerinstitute.com or 1-877-328-9843 for technical support or a copy of our white list.

  • What if I do not receive a Confirmation Email?

    When signing up, please double-check the email you use. If there are any issues with your email, the confirmation email with your login link will bounce. Please also check your spam or junk folder and Favorite our domain to ensure Inbox email in the future. If you still do not have it, please email info@hazelbakerinstitute.com or call our toll-free number at 1-877-328-9843 for technical support.

  • How do I access my module/course?

    When you purchased the module/course, you were sent a confirmation email with a link. Click on this link to access your module/course the first time. After that, you login at the top of the Home page at www.HazelbakerInstitute.com with your username and password. Once you login, your module/course dashboard page appears, and you will access your module(s)/course(s) from there.

  • What are the system requirements for taking Hazelbaker Lactation Institute modules/courses?

    Desktop or Laptop Computer Access:

    • A broadband Internet connection
    • Web Browsers we Support: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2+, Safari on Mac 1.2+ or Google Chrome.
    • Enable JavaScript and Cookies on your computer
    • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 recommended (not required)

    Mobile Devices Access:

    • Apple devices using Safari as web browser
    • Android devices using Chrome as web browser


  • How do I register for in-person trainings?

    Please visit www.AlisonHazelbaker.com/events and click on the course in which you want to enroll. You will be taken to the specific course page. There is a Click Here to Register link underneath the course description. Click to register and you will be taken to the shopping cart.

  • What is the refund policy for in-person trainings?

    All in-person tuition payments are due in full at the time of registration and there are no refunds. Should you need to cancel or change your registration, we will hold your tuition for a future training. Funds for in-person trainings are not applicable towards HLI modules/courses online.

  • I have already finished the module/course I purchased. What is the refund policy?

    Learner purchases of online modules can be accessed for six (6) months from the original purchase date. Purchases of six (6) or more modules are considered a bulk purchase and can be accessed for twelve (12) months from the original purchase date. HLI does not issue refunds at this time. All sales are final.

  • What is the refund policy for modules/courses?

    Learner purchases of online modules can be accessed for six (6) months from the original purchase date. Purchases of six (6) or more modules are considered a bulk purchase and can be accessed for twelve (12) months from the original purchase date. HLI does not issue refunds at this time. All sales are final.

  • How do I register for a module/course?

    At www.HazelbakerInstitute.com you click on the Education Catalog Button, select the module(s)/course(s) you want to view and purchase by clicking the “view” button next to each module/course description. You will land on a page that provides an overview of the module/course. Click on the “enroll” button on this page. You will be taken to the shopping cart to finalize your purchase. When in the shopping cart, there is an option to add more items to your cart. Repeat these steps for every module/course you want to purchase.


  • Will I receive a certificate for completing a module/course?

    Yes. Each module/course has its own set number of CERPs and/or contact hours, which you will see in each module/course description.  The closing slide in each module/course has an access button to a mandatory evaluation. Once the module/course and evaluation are completed, you will find your certificate under “Achievements” at the top of your dashboard. Simply click the certificate you wish to download and it will automatically download to your computer for you to save to your computer and/or print. All certificates are archived in your personal dashboard, so you may login to your account on our portal and review your modules/courses and certificates at any time in the future.

  • Will I get continuing education units for taking a module/course?

    Yes, currently, we offer CERPs for lactation professionals through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) and contact hours through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Many certifying bodies accept IBLCE CERPs and ANCC CEs in lieu of their own CEUs. You will need to check with your certifying body to be sure.

  • Will I be able to leave my module/course and come back to it?

    Yes. Your place will be saved automatically. Every time you login, your dashboard will tell you how much of a particular module/course you have completed. When you resume the module/course, you will begin at the place you left off.

  • Will I have access to the instructor for any questions or concerns while taking the module/course?

    Yes, in moderation. Please contact the instructor at info@hazelbakerinstitute.com.

  • Are there tests required? If so, and I fail, will I have an opportunity to take it again?

    IBLCE requires that we give a pre-test and post-test in each module. You have one chance to pass each and there are no re-takes. Passing the test is not required in order to successfully complete the module. However, if you fail the post-test, we strongly recommend you re-take the module, to ensure optimal understanding and application of the module/course content. An evaluation is also given and mandatory to receive a certificate and may only be completed once.

  • How long does each module/course take to complete?

    From 1.5 hours to 3 hours, most typically. It will depend on how fast you move through the interactive components of each module.

  • Can I use the modules/courses towards the certification pathways through IBLCE?

    Please check with the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners at www.IBLCE.org for information on certification requirements.

  • How much do the modules/courses cost?

    Each module/course has a set fee based on content and credits. The cost for a particular offering is listed on the course description page. Hazelbaker Lactation Institute module prices start at USD$25.00.

  • Can I use continuing education units towards IBLCE recertification?

    Yes. We are a long-term provider approved by IBLCE. The CERPs you earn count toward recertification.

  • What is the difference between a module and a course?

    A module is a unit of study in a topic area usually consisting of 1-2 hours of instruction. A course is comprised of several modules in a topic area that may consist of anywhere from 10-90 hours of instruction time.

  • I have already watched the module/course, but I have questions about the content. Who do I contact?

    Please call 1-877-328-9843 or email at Info@hazelbakerinstitute.com.

  • How do I make an appointment for Alison Hazelbaker’s or Spirit of Healing’s clinical lactation services?

    Please call 614-326-3504 to make a clinical lactation service appointment.

  • Is there a bulk discount for an organization purchasing modules/courses for multiple people at one time?

    Yes. If you work for an organization or hospital system, please have your purchasing department call our toll-free number 1-877-328-9843 to find out how to set up an account and receive an access code to train groups of people.

  • Is there a discount for purchasing multiple modules/courses at one time?

    Yes. We offer a bulk purchase discount. You will receive a 10% discount for 5 or more modules/courses purchased.

  • Can I purchase more than one module/course at a time?

    Yes, once you have added a module/course to your cart, you can click on “Add more items to cart” and it will take you to the menu of available modules/courses which can then be added to your cart.

  • Can I buy this module/course once, take it, then share it with others?

    No. Each person must purchase the module/course on their own, as you each get your own unique name and password and CERPs are only available to the account holder.

  • Do you offer any free modules/courses?

    Yes! On the home page at www.HazelbakerInstitute.com there is a free module offered on positioning and latch-on at breast. Once you have enrolled in any paid module/course, there are other free modules/courses available to you.

  • Are the continuing education units issued by my certifying organization?

    CERPs are issued by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). We also issue contact hours through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). You will need to check with your certifying organization to determine if they accept IBLCE CERPs and/or ANCC CEs.

  • How many continuing education units will I get for my module/course?

    Each module/course has its own set number of CERPs and contact hours available. You will see this in the module/course description for each module/course. We provide 1 continuing education unit for each hour of instruction.

  • What if I do not receive my certificate?

    Please check your Achievements area in your dashboard. If you do not see your certificate there, please send an email to Info@HazelbakerInstitute.com and provide the name and email which you used to sign up/sign in plus the course name for which you are missing your certificate. We will look into your account and provide information on how to resolve your issue.

  • How long will I have access to the modules/courses I purchase?

    Your purchase is good for 6 months access time from the date of purchase. After that time, an extra fee will be applicable. See Terms and Conditions for more information.