Will I receive a certificate for completing a module/course?

Yes. Each module/course has its own set number of CERPs and/or contact hours, which you will see in each module/course description.  The closing slide in each module/course has an access button to a mandatory evaluation. Once the module/course and evaluation are completed, you will find your certificate under “Achievements” at the top of your dashboard. Simply click the certificate you wish to download and it will automatically download to your computer for you to save to your computer and/or print. All certificates are archived in your personal dashboard, so you may login to your account on our portal and review your modules/courses and certificates at any time in the future.

Yes, currently, we offer CERPs for lactation professionals through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) and contact hours through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Many certifying bodies accept IBLCE CERPs and ANCC CEs in lieu of their own CEUs. You will need to check with your certifying body to be sure.

Yes. Your place will be saved automatically. Every time you login, your dashboard will tell you how much of a particular module/course you have completed. When you resume the module/course, you will begin at the place you left off.

Yes, in moderation. Please contact the instructor at info@hazelbakerinstitute.com.

IBLCE requires that we give a pre-test and post-test in each module. You have one chance to pass each and there are no re-takes. Passing the test is not required in order to successfully complete the module. However, if you fail the post-test, we strongly recommend you re-take the module, to ensure optimal understanding and application of the module/course content. An evaluation is also given and mandatory to receive a certificate and may only be completed once.

From 1.5 hours to 3 hours, most typically. It will depend on how fast you move through the interactive components of each module.

Please check with the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners at www.IBLCE.org for information on certification requirements.

Each module/course has a set fee based on content and credits. The cost for a particular offering is listed on the course description page. Hazelbaker Lactation Institute module prices start at USD$25.00.

Yes. We are a long-term provider approved by IBLCE. The CERPs you earn count toward recertification.

A module is a unit of study in a topic area usually consisting of 1-2 hours of instruction. A course is comprised of several modules in a topic area that may consist of anywhere from 10-90 hours of instruction time.