Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Moral Injury in Members of the Perinatal Team

This module focuses on the complex anatomy of infant breastfeeding, including structures in the suck-swallow-breathe triad: muscles, fascia, and peripheral nerves. Further, this module provides a detailed look at the roles of the sub-cortical and cortical areas of the brain in the coordination and maturation of suck-swallow-breathe.

In this module, Dr. Hazelbaker describes the differences between actual tongue-tie and sucking issues that can appear to be tongue-tie due to altered tongue posture. She provides learners with a conceptual framework for such an occurrence; learners will view pictures and videos that help illustrate the differences between a true tie and a faux tie, thereby distinguishing between them in infants.

This module addresses the widespread but non-evidence-based maxillary lip-tie phenomenon. What do we know about lip-tie? Does it affect infant breastfeeding? Can it cause dental issues? This module addresses these questions and more by reviewing the scientific evidence and providing guidance professionals will utilize in making ethical, evidence-based clinical decisions.