COMING SOON - CST for Infant Breastfeeding Level 2: Trauma


COMING SOON!!! CST for Infant Breastfeeding Level 2: Trauma

This Level 2 online course for the advanced CranioSacral Therapy practitioner focuses on infant trauma as expressed through feeding behavior. Dr. Hazelbaker presents techniques for resolving infant trauma by building on her infant breastfeeding protocol taught in the Level 1 in-person course. This course is for trained CranioSacral Therapists and has pre-requisites.

Behavioral manifestations covered are Tendon Guard, Fear Paralysis, Failure to Latch, sensory-based sucking issues, “Colic”, persistent extensor patterns, dysregulation, and ocular lock. The participant will be able to integrate these techniques immediately in clinical practice, garnering exceptional results, and resolution of infant trauma in their clients.


Course Price: $899.00

Learning Objectives

The learner will be able to:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of trauma in a newborn.
  • Discuss the various stress vectors that cause trauma in the neonate.
  • Define Fear Paralysis and Tendon Guard.
  • Identify Fear Paralysis and Tendon Guard in the neonate.
  • Describe the trauma symptoms of sensory-based sucking issues.
  • Review the basic CST protocol for working with infant suck-swallow-breathe dysfunction.
  • Learn and practice 3 mini-protocols designed to address infant body habitus patterns associated with trauma.
  • Learn and practice multiple techniques designed to address neonatal trauma.
  • Describe and practice various techniques for supporting regulation in the traumatized infant.
  • Discuss various home care techniques to teach parents.

Topics Covered

  • Review of the Hazelbaker CST Protocol for Infant Breastfeeding
  • Impact of trauma on infant breastfeeding
  • Signs of trauma in the infant
  • Postural assessment related to trauma
  • Fear paralysis
  • Tendon Guard
  • CST techniques for addressing Fear Paralysis and Tendon Guard
  • Three mini-protocols for restoring natural flexion
  • Techniques for enhancing resilience and co-regulation
  • Home-care programs for parents to enhance the therapeutic process

Course/Module Description

This online version addresses concepts via recorded lectures. After each lecture segment, a technique how-to video introduces the appropriate strategy. Students are expected to apply the technique in their practice and upload feedback to the instructor via the online portal. The student must complete a particular segment of the course before moving onto the next. The student will be expected to apply a particular technique a minimum of 2 times to a maximum of 6 times before moving onto the next segment. There will also be several online Q&A sessions with the instructor scheduled throughout the year. Attendance at a minimum of 1 Q&A session is mandatory in order to complete the course. Please contact us for the list of scheduled Q&A sessions at

The student has 365 days from the date of purchase to complete this course. Should a student require longer than 1 year, there may be an administrative fee assessed to provide extended access for up to 6 months.

Prerequisite: Completion of Dr. Hazelbaker’s CST for Infant Breastfeeding Level 1 workshop. Do not register for this course if you have not completed the prerequisite as we do not offer refunds. If you register for this class and you have not taken Level 1, your tuition will be applied to our other online learning module options of your choice up to the total $899 tuition cost for this course.


Dr. Alison Hazelbaker

Dr. Alison Hazelbaker

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